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Sandra Lied Haga – Mini Interview

av | jan 24, 2018 | Artikler

Sandra never made the tram in the mornings for her secondary school classes. But since then, her timing has been impeccable: she has given concerts in the UK, Germany, Austria, Russia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland, Greece, Jordan, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and the United States, after making her debut at Wigmore Hall aged just 12.

Sandra has played her cello with renowned musicians at the highest level, including Anne-Sophie Mutter, Leif Ove Andsnes, Paul Lewis, Gordon Back, Lars Anders Tomter, Kathryn Stott, Christian Ihle Hadland, Henning Kraggerud and Anna Fedorova. This summer she will play at Fjord Classics.

What are you most looking forward to at this year´s festival?
Everything! But when it comes to the concerts: the Schubert quintet will be amazing!

What´s the best thing about playing your instrument? 
The feeling I get all around me, that this is many people’s favourite instrument, which lies very close to their heart. Maybe because it is the instrument nearest to the human voice? I love playing the cello because the register reaches from so high to so deep. Therefore, we can really play anything. 

What made you choose a career as a musician? Any special incidents?
Good question, I started playing the cello when I was 3, and all I know is that there was a need for change after 3 older siblings who all played violin.

While growing up, I have participated in almost every activity and sport one can imagine in addition to the cello. However, inside I always knew that those things were just a lot of fun, and they inspired me to love music even more. I feel grateful for having done so many different things in my life, because it has made me certain that I will never doubt that music and cello is what is right for me. 

What is your best/ worst concert experience, and why? 
I have had so many incredible concert experiences, so it is difficult to choose one as the best. My most painful concert experience however, must have been when I was 10 years old, very excited to play live on the radio, but I managed to sprain my little finger while playing on the ice the same day. Cellists will know that playing Requiebros by Cassado with a sprained little finger is not comfortable. But, as I learned at this very early age, excuses don’t exist in the music world, and you play your concerts no matter what!

What makes you happy?
Jumping from high cliffs into the sea, the magic of classical music, climbing to the top of incredible mountains, chocolate and freezing winters with a lot of snow! 

What music makes you cry? 
Usually music from the heart-breaking romantic era is most likely to make me cry.

What´s your favourite place in the world?
For me it must be all the mountain tops and beaches in Lofoten! I have never experienced anything as beautiful in my life. 

Can you tell us something that no-one knows about you?
At both Lower and Upper Secondary my grade in punctuality was not even “average” but “bad”… Unfortunately, I always seemed to miss the tram and was constantly late for my first class! But more importantly, I got top grades when it came to “behaviour”!

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