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Aksel Rykkvin – from Boy to Man

av | apr 26, 2018 | Artikler

Many have followed the astonishing career of boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin. Equally many have wondered what would happen when his voice breaks. What will his new voice sound like and when will he be able to use it? None of these questions were possible to answer until his voice indeed started to break. Now we know more.

Some will have already discovered the sound of the fresh baritone Rykkvin on social media. And it must be said, he sounds great! Aksel recorded two CD´s as a soprano – the first in London in January 2016, the second a year later, just released. We hear a notable difference between the recordings – both superb, but the latter clearly a more vocally and musically mature performer. This alone says quite a lot about Aksel´s commitment and approach to singing – he is always seeking improvement, searching for musical expression and is hungry to learn. This is evident in his new baritone voice.

So what do we hear now? A young, glowing voice that is packed with musicality and a total delight to hear. He is by no means through his voice break, and it is indeed changing almost on a daily basis, but he has been superbly equipped with the tools and vocal techniques needed to discover his new instrument. And he´s not wasting time. He is keen but also smart, and he knows the potential dangers, like singing too loudly or too dramatic repertoire. Well, his teacher wouldn´t allow that anyway. The combination of his focus – he is so aware of what´s going on – commitment and his instinctive musicality, is astounding. He just sounds good all the time! We so look forward to hearing him on stage at Fjord Classics. And be warned, it´s no small voice!

On a personal note, as Aksel´s recording producer, it has been, and continues to be a pleasure and a privilege to follow this exceptional young man´s development; musically, technically and as a person, from before we recorded his first CD, to now as he bridges manhood and moves slowly along the path of musical maturing towards a very promising career.

Sean Lewis
Festival Manager

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