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The Russian Soul (as we knew it)

Beginner's Guide - All three pianists play here together (they'll need a long piano stool!). Hear you will hear grand romantic music that also shows vulnerability. Intensely beautiful music. the concert ends with fireworks for cello and orchestra. Think concert should raise the roof in the church!

Kåseri «Østeuropeiske fornyere i musikken» av Are von der Lippe.
kl.17:00 på Odd Fellows ved kirken.

J.S. Bach / Die Kunst der Fuge, no. 6

Fjord Festival Strings

Sebastian Fagerlund / Transient Light

Cam Kjøll, violin
Bjørg Lewis, cello
Hervé Joulain, horn
Marina Kan Selvik, piano

Rachmaninov / Vocalise fra 14 romanser, op. 34

Bjørg Lewis, cello
Kathryn Stott, piano

Tschaikovsky / Andante cantabile fra Strykekvartet nr. 1 i D, op. 11

Bjørg Lewis, cello
Kathryn Stott, piano

Tschaikovsky / 6 romanser, op.73

Astrid Nordstad, mezzosporan
Marina Kan Selvik
, piano

Rachmaninov / Valse and Romanse for 6 hands

Martim Almeida, Kathryn Stott, Marina Kan Selvik, piano

J.S. Bach / Die Kunst der Fuge, no. 5

Fjord Festival Strings

Dmitrij Sjostakovitsj / Konsert for cello nr. 1 i Ess-dur, op.107

Torleif Thedéen, cello
Fjord Festival Strings
(leader: Cam Kjøll)

Wednesday 6. July

Sandefjord Church

Kl.: 18:00

Duration: 90 min.

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