Velkommen tilbake til Sandefjord - 5.-8.juli 2022

About Fjord Classics


Our mission is to present the very best music from the classical repertoire, played by top international musicians. We want to enrich and give our audiences something that is deep and meaningful. We don´t try to popularize classical music, or to bow to the common man´s taste. We want rather to give our audiences a sense of satisfaction that they have achieved something intellectually, understood something they thought was out of reach.ssig og intellektuell nysgjerrighet. 

The driving force behind Fjord Classics is the team´s passionate belief that everyone needs classical music - they are just not aware of it! We strive to present our concerts in an appealing and accessible manner.Many people think that classical music is something for other people. Our main message to newcomers is that you don´t need to understand anything about classical music to enjoy it. All you need is a pair of ears and a touch of curiosity! Som all annen kunst, skal det oppleves, ikke forstås! 

Festival Office

Our festival office is located at Hotel Atlantic from Sunday 28th June 2020. Tickets can be bought and any questions you may have, answered


The festival receives generous financial support from the Norwegian Arts Council, the County of Vestfold, Sandefjord Municipality, Anders Jahre's Humanitary Trust, Dextra Musica, the Sparebank1 BV Trust and several private sponsors.


Fjord Classics was founded in 2017, then as a part of the Vestfold Festival. In 2018 the festival was established as an independent organisation. Norwegian company registration number: 920572367.


Chair: Svein Eriksen
Deputy Chair: Sean Lewis
Board members: Jeanette Fagerli-Quaino, Birgit Hoem, Filip Skogstad.

Welcome to the 2022-festival in beautiful Sandefjord from 5. til 8. juli. Fire nye dager with unforgettable music experiences.