The definition of a festival is celebration!

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Articles

Alexander Sitkovetsky is looking forward to this year’s Fjord Classics, pointing out that festival actually means celebration.
I am looking forward to celebrating making music together with old and new friends. Working together with Lars Anders Tomter has always been such a pleasure since our first concert together more than a decade ago. His programming always has a wonderful freshness and imagination and I can’t wait to play the amazing repertoire he has planned for all of us, Alexander says.

What´s the best thing about playing in a trio?
Playing in a trio is such a perfect combination. The different sonorities and timbres for the piano, violin and cello allow each musician to play the dual role of a chamber musician and a soloist. Most of the repertoire lends itself to this approach as well and I think it is so much fun to be able to play in a group and still show your individuality.

Have you experienced any unusual things happen during a concert?
I don’t think anything completely out of the ordinary, but I definitely didn’t enjoy when a fly landed on my nose in between movements at a concert. Mosquitos I have had before but the fly was a little more determined!

What makes you happy?
Family and music, and when my football team wins.

What music makes you cry?
There are a lot I could mention but it can be completely different every time so it’s difficult to go into specifics.

What is your favourite place in the world?
Too many to mention! I always like to visit new places. There are still many places which I have not yet been. 

Finally, Alexander reveals to us a secret:
I am very superstitious, especially when watching football. I have some routines, which must be done… That’s why I prefer to watch it alone!