A Taste of Indian Summer

launch tour, 25-28.feb 2022

We are happy to announce Fjord Classics´ 2022 festival theme, INDIAN SUMMER. 

The summer festival, which will be held 5-8 July, will we preempted with a mini-tour 25-28 Feb. The complete summer program will also be published then.

The expression 'Indian Summer' refers to late summer days before Autumn hits fully in. The choice of this theme eludes to composers´ late works.

The 2022 festival will present am impressive group of international musicians from 8 different countries. Amongst these we will hear at our launch tour in February:

Polina Leschenko on piano, Torleif Thedéen on cello, plus our two artists directors Cam Kjøll on violin and Lars Anders Tomter on viola, who together they make up a piano quartet.


Bach: from Kunst der Fuge (contrapuntkus 8), arr. by Mozart
Mozart: Piano Quartet in g-minor
Bach: the end of Kunst der Fuge (which evaporates with the last notes B-A-C-H)
Fagerlund: Scherzic  for viola and cello  
Dvorak: Piano Quartet in E flat

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Friday 25.02

Teie hovedgård, Tønsberg, kl.18:30

Saturday 26.02

Universitetets aula, Oslo, kl.14:00

Sunday 27.02

Ramme gard, Hvitsten kl.15:00

Monday 28.02

Ibsenhuset, Skien, kl.19:00

Concert Films from 2020

Get a taste of what the festival has to offer by watching our films from the complete 2020 festival. 21 pieces performed by some of Norway´s finest musicians. Free to view.

Watch our Aftermovie from the 2019 festival

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Welcome to the 2022-festival in beautiful Sandefjord from 5. til 8. juli. Four new days with unforgettable music experiences.