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Beginner's Guide – We start with a short and hypnotic piece from Finland, followed by another of Beethoven´s divine violin sonatas. We finish off with one of the great french piano quartets - rich, open and uplifting music.

Sebastian Fagerlund / Transient Light

Camilla Kjøll, violin
Theresa Schneider, cello
Fritz Pahlmann, horn
Marina Kan Selvik, piano

Beethoven / Sonate for Violin and Piano no. 6 i A, op.30

Camilla Kjøll, violin
Christian Ihle Hadland, piano

Gabriel Fauré / Piano Quartet no. 1, op.15

Christian Ihle Hadland, piano
Eldbjørg Hemsing, violin
Lars Anders Tomter, viola
Audun Sandvik, cello

Wednesday 30th June
Sandefjord Church, 15:00
Duration: 80 min.
Price adult: 350 kr.
Ticket package with hotel: from 990 kr.

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